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Photography & Digital Capture

Artbot specializes in clean even lighting, high resolution capture and custom profiling to create the most natural and color correct renditions of your artwork. We can accommodate small work up to 40 x 60in. in our studio, or larger work up to 12ft and beyond in your work space if room allows. Our shoots are setup so that you get the most from them, whether you need images for submissions or something larger, you get the files you need to meet your goals. All shots include a 8bit TIFF and JPEG Master file. Additionally we provide smaller 1000px JPEG images for easy use with website and email. Custom sized files specific to your needs or submission requirements can be made as well.

How the Shoot Works

Session Fee

Every shoot requires a session fee, this covers lighting setup either at our studio or yours, plus travel (in San Francisco), shooting, and basic editing time to complete the shoot.

Group Sessions

Reduced session fees are available for groups of 2-3 artists with similar type artwork, ie: 2D work and 3D/Installs utilize different lighting setups and should be done separately.

Standard Shots

Artwork is billed per shot and can be output at different file sizes to meet your budget. See below for different size options and their uses. This covers flat artwork that do not need to be shot in sections, most gallery install type images and some 3D type work.

Specialty Shots

These cover artwork whose very large size or detail needs require the work to be shot in sections for best capture, or sculptural work that needs to be in-focus from front to back. Large scale architectural type shots and any HDR/Multi-Image type shots fall in this category as well.


Files are captured RAW with reproduction grade colorchart, plus special lighting files so that we start with the most pure image for editing. Artwork shoots include custom profiling and standard editing which is outlined below. If you need more advanced editing we can do that too and is billed under Advanced Editing.


After editing proof images are uploaded online for preview. These give you a basic preview of the processed images beyond what you see in the shoot.


Once proofs are approved we can schedule a pickup or delivery method that works best for you.

Standard Editing

Advanced Editing


Session Fee
Our Studio = $90
Your Studio = $130
Standard Shots
12mp Shot (30mb TIFF) = $20
21mp Shot (60mb TIFF) = $25
36mp Shot (100mb TIFF) = $35
Specialty Shots
Artwork Stitch-Shot (150mb+, 100mb, 60mb) = $70 / $50 / $40
Artwork Stack-Shot (100mb, 60mb, 30mb) = $70 / $50 / $40
Architectural Stitch-Shot = $120 / $70 / $50
Advanced Editing
Per Hour = $60 (billed in 15min. increments)
Travel Fee
San Francisco = None
Bay Area = $20
Rush Job Fee
48hr Turnaround = $60
Client Pickup = Free
CD/DVDs in Mail = $5
Drop-Off = Free in San Francisco, $15 Bay Area
Online Downloads = Free